Reintroducing Cats Outdoors

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As cat lovers, it isn’t unusual to build a bond with a kitty, and when this happens, it might be tempting to bring her into your home. But this can be very stressful for cats, and many won’t transform into purring house cats–instead they might hide and hiss. This is why it’s Trap-Neuter-Return and not Trap-Neuter-Adopt.

If a cat that you’ve brought inside is unhappy, you’ll want to return him outdoors as soon as possible. Don’t attempt to pick up the frightened kitty. First, try opening the front door and allowing the cat to find her own way out. If the cat is hiding, leave a bowl of food out by the open door. When the kitty gets hungry, he will hopefully make his way to the bowl, see the door is open, and escape. You can also try trapping inside your home to see if the cat is willing to take the bait again and make it an easy return back outdoors. Unfortunately, if a cat has been through the trapping process already, he’s less likely to be trapped again; check out our tips for trap-shy cats to help with this.

If you’re concerned about the transition for cats being returned to the outdoors, there are options. Consider providing outdoor shelters for the cats to hide or sleep in outside. Some people have even left their garage door open with enough space for cats to go in and out of as they please. However, if you decide to do this, make sure that the garage is free from any harmful items or chemicals that can be a danger to cats. But always remember, this cat has thrived outside in the past and will acclimate quickly.

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