Preventative Measures

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Because cats can’t introduce themselves to neighbors with a homemade apple pie and a smile, they need your help to tell people they are good neighbors. One of the best ways for you to do this is by providing great cat care. By following these cat care tips, you can help nip any issues in the bud:

  • Build feeding stations to keep cat food and water in one location.
  • Keep the feeding area clean by only providing enough food to be eaten within 30 minutes, and removing all bowls and trash after feeding.
  • Provide outdoor shelters on your or the caregiver’s property, encouraging cats to remain in one location. The more hidden away the shelters are from public view, the more comfortable the kitties will feel about using them.
  • Place outdoor litter boxes (cleaned regularly) in strategic areas, such as a hidden clearing under a bush, for cats to use instead of your neighbor’s lawn.
  • Use our colony tracking sheet to maintain accurate records regarding cat health, including vaccination data and photographs, to demonstrate your ongoing care.

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