5 Important Steps to Adopting a Cat to the Best Home Possible

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The stray cat you are trying to place in a home deserves one that is loving, compassionate, and safe. To make that a reality, follow these five important steps in the adoption process:

1. Ask questions before you meet.

Screen potential adopters over the phone first. Ask them why they are interested in the cat, if they have experience with companion animals, and for details on the environment the cat will be living in.

2. Ask potential adopters to fill out an application.

Use this sample adoption application. Consider certain adoption requirements, like guarantees on spaying and neutering and never declawing.

Ask about potential conflicts, like very young children and kittens, other animals in the home, and pet restrictions if they live in an apartment or condo. Consider a trial period, or a post-adoption visit.

3. Set up a meet and greet.

Meeting a potential adopter in person is the best way to tell if they’re the right fit. Try to have them come to you to meet your foster kitty, because cats can become uncomfortable in unfamiliar surroundings. Observe how the cat and the adopter interact together, but also recognize not every guardian will interact with the cat the way you do, and that’s OK!

4. Create an adoption contract that both you and the adopter will sign once you’ve approved them.

Use this sample adoption contract. Make sure both you and the adopter have a copy of the contract, and provide them with the cat’s medical records, toys, and her special food or treats.

5. Set up a time to transfer the cat, and allow them to bond.

This may be the hardest part of the whole adoption process. You’ll certainly miss the cat, but you should be proud of a job well done. Celebrate this wonderful moment!

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