A Critical Update from Puerto Rico

Alley Cat Allies is continuing our federal lawsuit against the U.S. National Park Service to stop its cruel, lethal plan to remove the community cats living outdoors along the Paseo del Morro National Recreational Trail. We won’t back down or stop fighting to save these cats’ lives.

We will share more information soon, including ways you can take action with us.

Alley Cat Allies Returns to Tennessee for TNR

Last week, we were back on the ground in Lebanon, Tennessee, doing more Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) with New Leash On Life and amazing local caregivers and advocates!

We also came prepared with cat food for caregivers to support their incredible community service. Just a couple of months ago, our Feline Frenzy® and food bank support in the area reached hundreds of cats!

Saving Steel and Cricket—Thanks to YOU!

Steel, Cricket, and mom Godiva have YOU to thank for their care! Right now, all are receiving veterinary treatment covered by Alley Cat Allies—made possible by our supporters like you.

Little Cricket is adorable, energetic, and bold while Steel is laidback but playful. These kittens were formerly at risk in a shelter without humane policies, but now have a second chance to thrive. Once they’re recovered, they’ll be spayed or neutered and adopted into loving homes.

Your gift helps us provide access to care for kittens and cats like Steel, Cricket, and Godiva every day. Every amount makes a difference: alleycat.org/Donate.

Summer Weather Water Tips for Community Cats

With the weather heating up fast, we have steps you can take to help community cats outdoors stay cool (though they’re savvy and have plenty of ways to find shade!). Here are some water tips:

  • Extra water is essential in hot weather. Too much water is better than not enough.
  • Place water bowls in shaded areas.
  • Use a bowl that is narrow but deep. This reduces the bowl’s surface area and slows evaporation.

Learn more: alleycat.org/SummerWeather.