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Alley Cat Allies has cared for the feral cat colonies along the boardwalk as part of a city-supported Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program since 2000. All cats are spayed or neutered, eartipped, and vaccinated (including for rabies). Since the program’s founding, the Boardwalk Cat population has declined by 72%. The average age of a Boardwalk Cat is 13 years, though many are well into their teens. The multiple colonies are monitored and fed by Alley Cat Allies volunteers, and all cats receive ongoing care.

There are signs all along the boardwalk promoting the Boardwalk Cats Project, as these famous cats attract visitors and admirers from all over the country. The Project is a model TNR program and enjoys support from Atlantic City itself, including the Health and Human Services Department. A previous director of the department enthusiastically backed the program, saying, “TNR is good public health policy.”

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The Boardwalk Cats Project

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Education and Outreach

Alley Cat Allies has partnered with Atlantic City businesses to help educate the public about stray and feral cats and the Boardwalk Cats Project. Our Boardwalk Cats Project truth card is available all over the city. 
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Case Study: Boardwalk Cats Project

Read the story and strategy behind developing the Trap-Neuter-Return program now known as the Boardwalk Cats Project. 
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Every Kitty – Every City Program: Atlantic City

Learn more about our work in Atlantic City, including volunteer opportunities, upcoming events, and adoptable cats.
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