YOU Saved this Tiny Tabby Trio (and Their Family!)


Meet Cheddar, Pepperjack, and Ricotta!

They’re three of a family of six (not in frame are their siblings Parmesan and Brie and mom Mozzarella) currently in Alley Cat Allies’ care and receiving ongoing veterinary treatment. As always, YOU are the reason we could save this little family!

They’re cute as can be—but also a reminder that we’re in the thick of kitten season; the time of year when cats give birth to litters most often. We are here to prepare advocates worldwide to protect kittens, and also prevent pregnancy in cats.

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A Happy Update on Jumping Bean

Jumping Bean is always in motion! Needless to say, this little lady is recovering well with veterinary care courtesy of Alley Cat Allies.

We deeply thank our supporters for helping us save kittens like Bean! Her siblings and her mother are with her as well, and we’ll introduce them to you soon. The entire little family will stay in our care until they are ready to find homes of their own.

Respecting Cats’ Boundaries Strengthens Your Bond

Many of us love to cuddle with our cats—and there are even holidays around giving the cats in our lives a hug. But the fact of the matter is some cats do not prefer to be hugged or held or even touched at all, and that includes cats who have lived their entire lives indoors with people. Every cat is different and has different boundaries, and those boundaries deserve respect.

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Anyone Can Protect Community Cats—And TNR is the Key

Talk about a gorgeous community cat! As you can tell by his eartip, Handsome Philo was neutered and vaccinated through a #TNR program.

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