We had amazing support at the Yonkers, New York Town Hall meeting last Thursday evening. We hosted a forum to discuss the open cruelty investigation of 25 cats who were killed (many placed in plastic bags and hung from a tree) and to rally support for proactive programs for cats. It was truly inspiring how many political officials made protection of cats a priority and came to share their support.

Detective Captain Robert Itzla of the Yonkers Police Department announced that the cruelty case has been assigned to the Major Case Squad and the Assistant District Attorney Mary Ann Liebowitz said the offender(s) would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law—which includes felony charges.

This horrible cruelty case has shined a bright light on cat protection and the need for expanded services for cats and the community. To assist with the development and direction of these initiatives we took the lead on organizing the Cat Protection Council of Westchester. It’s a coalition made up of representatives from local animal organizations, individuals from the community, and an Alley Cat Allies representative to advocate for Westchester’s cats, and to serve as a resource for local officials.

Westchester is one community, but this positive change in perception and understanding of cats and their needs is sweeping the nation. Together we are changing hearts and minds—and saving lives. Thanks for your support!