Stitch, one the dogs Alley Cat Allies rescued this week from an animal facility. He’s been assessed by a veterinarian and will soon be on his way to a new home!

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We are thrilled to share with you an incredible, lifesaving victory for cats and dogs—and your support made it all possible! Over the past week, Alley Cat Allies jumped into action to respond to a crisis of animal cruelty in an animal facility and save more than 100 cats and dogs.

Alley Cat Allies is a powerhouse international organization unique in our ability to stay nimble, mobilize effectively, and strategize and innovate to save animals’ lives. That’s exactly what we are doing for these animals! With no time to waste, we rescued all of the animals, assembled an ace team to build safe and enriching temporary housing, and brought veterinarians in to treat them—all while we started drawing up the blueprint for long-term change in the community.

Now they each animal is on his or her way to better and brighter futures because Alley Cat Allies created inroads no others could in order to save lives. We have our supporters like you and your ongoing generosity to thank. This was our achievement, together!

The Rescue Process

Getting animals out quickly was the first and most critical step. Since there were far fewer cats than dogs, we organized for cats and kittens to be transported to another parish shelter with space for them to rest and recover. For the dogs, we needed to find a safe and enriching environment. And since we couldn’t find one that could house so many animals, we built one of our own.

Alley Cat Allies mobilized staff and volunteers to set up enough roomy kennels for more than 100 dogs beneath large, breezy festival tents. The project was completed within a few days, and each dog was provided with plenty of food, comfortable beds, toys, and even their own special dog pools. We made sure to set up a fenced-in dog run so we could bring the dogs out to play until their hearts’ content.

For the next 24 hours, we drove back and forth from the facility to the temporary housing with animals in dire need of care. We didn’t stop until we’d rescued each and every one.

Providing Veterinary Care, Enrichment, and Bright New Futures 

As soon as all of the animals were safe in our care, we brought in veterinarians to assess their condition and provide any and all treatment they needed. Alley Cat Allies footed the bill for all of it, thanks to the continued generosity of our supporters.

Stitch, a puppy with the broken tail, was treated to relieve his pain. Flea removal was prescribed to cats and kittens, and tests were run on some puppies we were afraid might have parvo. Test results: Negative!

Out of the cramped cages they’d been kept in, the dogs began to blossom, greeting people with ear-to-ear doggie grins and wagging tails. There are great things ahead for them, and they seemed to know it.

Animals, especially cats, are incredible survivors. Now we are ensuring they don’t just survive, but thrive. Alley Cat Allies is in contact with a network of legitimate, respected organizations and foster homes across the country, and we are steadily transporting cats and dogs into their care. From there, they will find loving new adoptive homes. Some cats and dogs are spoken for already!

The Critical Next Steps 

As with Berkeley County Animal Control in West Virginia, Alley Cat Allies is calling for this facility to shut down animal intake until significant changes are made to meet humane standards. Our goal is to work closely with the community to establish new, humane policies and programs that will protect animals and provide a safe environment and necessary veterinary care.

We will continue to share progress, so stay tuned!