The bill to affirm that Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs are legal in every Virginia community, SB 1390, is in the next phase on its road to becoming law. Now that it has passed in the state Senate, the bill is on the table to be considered by the House Sub-Committee of Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources. We expect they will vote on Wednesday, February 17.

Alley Cat Allies is doing everything we can to push this bill forward. However, certain interest groups are mounting strong opposition to SB 1390. Now more than ever, Virginia legislators need to hear from constituents who believe every cat’s life has value and who support humane, nonlethal policies for animals.

If you live in Virginia, join us by sending a letter of support to your legislators and commenting on the public comment page of the legislature’s website to urge a YES vote on SB 1390.

It is worthwhile to again note that TNR is already legal in Virginia. The reason behind SB 1390 is to clear up any confusion over TNR’s legality and lay out blueprints for an effective program. The bill is not a mandate for Virginia communities to start TNR.

Additionally, the bill solidifies TNR best practices, including a requirement that spay and neuter and vaccination be done under direction of a licensed veterinarian and clarification that “TNR program volunteers” are not owners of the cats they helpa critical measure to ensure they are not penalized for their lifesaving work.

SB 1390 is humane legislation a long time in the making. Passing it will clear a path for more humane and effective programs to take hold throughout Virginia.

Virginia Residents, Show Your Support

Legislators need to hear from a large number of Virginians asking them to vote FOR this bill, and it’s important they see this support on the public comment page of the legislature’s website. If you are a resident of Virginia, let them know that you support TNR and saving cats.

The process is simple but has several steps.

  1. First, click this link to visit the public comment page:
  2. Second, scroll down and click the box next to SB 1390. DO NOT CLICK ON “VIEW COMMENTS!”
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the blue box that says “Next”
  4. Once you reach the feedback page, be sure your written feedback includes these thoughts:
    • Support SB 1390
    • This bill is good for the cats and people of Virginia
    • It affirms that Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) for cats is legal

Not a resident of Virginia? Help get the word out by sharing this information with people you know who are!