Behind Alley Cat Allies’ campaign and lawsuit to end cruelty in the Berkeley County Animal Control (BCAC) shelter in West Virginia are heartbreaking stories of the animals who were its victims.

Alley Cat Allies wants to share with you the names and stories of just some of these animals, who we rescued to treat urgent medical conditions that had gone untreated in the shelter. Many more victims’ stories will never be known, but each and every one of them matters.  We are fighting for them.

Newt, a precious long-haired black cat, suffered in the BCAC shelter with a grossly enlarged and discolored tongue that prevented him from closing his mouth, and from eating and drinking. He spent 10 days in pain without medical treatment. Alley Cat Allies rushed Newt to an emergency hospital the minute we obtained him from the shelter. Tragically, the veterinarian determined the only option for Newt was humane euthanasia. He was 7 years old.

width="272" width="244"Alley Cat Allies rescued Shere Khan, Jacob, and many other cats from BCAC, rushing them to a veterinarian to treat medical conditions that went untreated at the shelter. Shere Khan has recovered and today the handsome 6-year-old tabby is starting his new journey in an adoptive home. Jacob is being fostered and awaiting an adoptive home of his own!

width="238"Kimberly, a sweet 4-year-old miniature pinscher, endured a bulging and enlarged eye, with glaucoma, ocular inflammation, corneal ulcer, and an open wound underneath, at BCAC. She went for 8 days without necessary medical treatment. Alley Cat Allies rescued Kimberly and brought her to a veterinarian for immediate care, but her condition left her permanently blind. Today, she is in an experienced, loving foster home.