Dear Allies,

There’s so much to look forward to this holiday season and, of course, some things you’d rather avoid. How many Thanksgivings must you explain to your Aunt Gertrude and Uncle Harold what TNR means, only to have them forget by Christmas?

Believe me, I hear you. I’ve been doing this for 27 years and I still have those conversations. They can be exhausting, but cats benefit each time one of us is willing to spend a few minutes talking to friends and relatives. After all, just because people aren’t informed enough to advocate for feral and other community cats doesn’t mean they want them to be killed.

Our Global Cat Day campaign—like everything we do—aims to protect all cats, with an ongoing and deep commitment to those who call the outdoors their home. People from around the world seek our guidance and inspiration to help keep cats safe. Global Cat Day reinforces that compassion for cats knows no borders.

Which brings me to the pledge. It’s a simple action that goes a long way.

Each pledge is an important step in the fight to persuade legislators to adopt lifesaving policies for cats. Over the past few weeks, thousands of you have signed our pledge to support compassionate laws that protect cats. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to sign. And when Aunt Gertrude and Uncle Harold once again can’t remember what TNR means, ask them, “Do you think cats should be killed?” Then tell them to pull out their phones and sign the pledge.

For the cats,

Becky Robinson  
President and Founder, Alley Cat Allies