This action is ONLY for residents of Nevada

Young cat lounging on floor

UPDATEJune 1, 2021:

Thank you for taking action on this bill. Unfortunately, after the Nevada Assembly voted 28-14 in favor of the bill, it failed to advance in the Nevada Senate and died for the 2021 session. We will watch for the bill to be reintroduced in 2022 and let you know about the next chance to take action against the cruel practice of declawing.


Nevada is close to becoming the second state in the United States to ban declawing! The Nevada Senate Natural Resources Committee is considering a bill, AB 209, that would prohibit the declawing of cats throughout the state. This bill has already passed the state Assembly. Please ask your state senator to support this bill and Keep Cats’ Claws on Their Paws!

Declaw surgery is not a nail trim, but a surgical amputation of the last joints of a cat’s toes. Declawing is almost always nontherapeutic, meaning it has no medical benefit to the cat. Without their claws, cats can’t perform many of their natural behaviors, can feel unsafe without their natural protection, and can experience issues with walking and balancing. The pain and discomfort caused by declaw surgery can lead to permanent physical and mental harm.

Ask your state senator to support AB 209 to protect cats from declawing in Nevada.