Alley Cat Allies, together with our supporters, put an end to the cruelty by closing the Spencer County Animal Shelter in Indiana. The abuse was so awful it’s hard for us to even write: The shelter was closed after it was reported that kittens were “euthanized” by putting them in a freezer to die.

We mobilized residents, advocates, and supporters to speak out, and attended County Commissioners meetings to demand humane change, oversight, and accountability. We presented officials with a letter, signed by 8,000 supporters, calling for immediate reforms.

Two months later in October, our efforts paid off. Officials closed the shelter and transferred a dozen or so animals to local rescue groups.

In a statement that was carried by national and local news outlets, Becky Robinson, president and founder of Alley Cat Allies, said: “Closing the shelter was the only way to ensure humane treatment for animals in the county. The county needs to ensure best practices are in place if the shelter reopens, and that there is no chance of returning to the dark days of freezing animals to death.”

Alley Cat Allies will continue to push for the county to operate with the highest standards of care to protect animals if officials reopen the shelter. Staff and volunteers must be adequately trained. Indiana also must pass laws that would increase transparency and require shelters to keep detailed public records of intake and outcome for all animals.

These are the standards and practices that shelter animals deserve, and they should be in place in every shelter in the U.S.

Alley Cat Allies thanks everyone who helped us push for justice and accountability in Spencer County.

The Whistle-blower: Bridget Woodson Speaks Out to Protect Animals

At age 24, Bridget Woodson didn’t know her courage would be tested last summer when she went to work at the Spencer County Animal Shelter in Indiana. On the job for only a month, she was shocked when her boss directed her to “euthanize” kittens in a horrifying way. She refused and reported the shelter to authorities.

Alley Cat Allies met with Woodson and worked to bring shelter officials to account. We are grateful that this brave young woman spoke out for the animals.