Oliver, in his outdoor home with his colony, before he was trapped by animal control.

Oliver, in his outdoor home with his colony, before he was trapped by animal control.

UPDATE—July 14, 2016: Right now, Worcester County Animal Control is using tranquilizer guns to shoot darts at two community cats in an attempt to catch and kill them. Tell Worcester County to Adopt Humane Policies and Stop Killing Cats.

July 13, 2016: We are sorry to inform you that Worcester County Animal Control has killed Oliver the cat. Alley Cat Allies will be holding a peaceful vigil in Oliver’s memory on Thursday, July 14. Please join us to honor Oliver and stand against Worcester County Animal Control’s cruel decision.

Attend the vigil for Oliver:

WHEN: Thursday, July 14, 2016, 6:30 p.m.
WHERE: Worcester County Courthouse
1 W Market Street
Snow Hill, MD, 21863
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July 11, 2016:
The Worcester County, Maryland animal control agency recently impounded a community cat named Oliver, and now they plan to kill him.

Worcester County Animal Control has a horrible record. In 2015, they killed more than 86% of all impounded cats. Please speak out so Oliver is not another statistic.

Take action: Tell Worcester County to stop their plan to kill Oliver.

Worcester County Animal Control trapped Oliver after another cat in the area tested positive for rabies. Oliver has been previously vaccinated against rabies, and his eartip shows that he’s part of a Trap-Neuter-Return colony. Killing him is not only inhumane, it’s unnecessary for public health. Oliver can be held for a quarantine period to ensure he doesn’t have rabies—an option practiced by animal control agencies and health departments across the state of Maryland and the nation.

A local rescue organization with experience successfully completing similar quarantines is ready and willing to care for Oliver. But animal control refuses to release Oliver into its custody.

Alley Cat Allies and other rescue groups have reached out to Worcester County Animal Control for information and to offer assistance. However, the department has remained closed off to the people, and is unwilling to even discuss the case.

Worcester County and Ocean City are huge tourist destinations, so your voice is influential and crucial. Please speak out and help us save Oliver.

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