PARADISE, Calif. May 7, 2019 Six months after the Camp Fire destroyed thousands of homes in Paradise and Butte County, California, Alley Cat Allies continues to help in the camp fire animal rescue. Since the wildfire burned in November, more than 550 of the Camp Fire cats were rescued and received medical attention from the Alley Cat Allies® Recovery Center, which FieldHaven Feline Center managed in Marysville.

Helping Cats After the Camp Fire

“We’re thankful that so many Camp Fire cats have been reunited with their families, but we also know that plenty of work remains,” said Becky Robinson, president and founder of Alley Cat Allies. “Our ongoing focus is to help rebuild the community’s ability to protect cats over the long term. We’re encouraging the organizations who care for cats in the area to envision the future they want and we’re helping them to create a plan to make it happen.”

Incredibly, the Alley Cat Allies Recovery Center has successfully reunited 134 cats with their original families so far, and reunions are still taking place. Additionally, more than 270 socialized cats were rescued; some of them have been adopted by fire survivors and other area residents, and the others are awaiting permanent homes.

The Transfer Station at 5399 Clark Rd. in Paradise is receiving cats who have been recovered after surviving the fire and living for six months on their own. Cats are still being rescued with burn marks on their whiskers or other injuries caused by the Camp Fire. Cats receive medical care while attempts to reunite them continue.

Community cats are spayed or neutered, eartipped, microchipped and returned to their outdoor homes. Alley Cat Allies and FieldHaven Feline Center are working with the City of Paradise to help community cats who survived the fire and are still living in the city. Visit or call (530) 783-9009 for more information on cats who are currently being cared for at the transfer station.

About Alley Cat Allies

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