Right now, pet and community cats are being captured, tortured, brutally killed, and sold for human consumption in many parts of Asia.

Stand with us in opposition. Please join us in pledging to help end the cat meat trade.

The abducting, killing, selling, and eating of cats was once banned in Vietnam by law. However, in January 2020 the Vietnamese government revoked this law, leaving cats and their families vulnerable to a horrific and cruel trade that is spreading further throughout the country.

A new investigative report from FOUR PAWS, a global animal welfare organization, and Change For Animals Foundation reveals that over one million cats each year are stolen from their families or abducted from their outdoor homes and sold to a widespread network of slaughterhouses and restaurants in Vietnam. The cats are subjected to extreme animal cruelty in deplorable conditions, packed together in filthy cramped cages and trafficked long distances without food and water for days. Many succumb to stress, exhaustion, dehydration, or heatstroke along the way.

The cats who survive are drowned or bludgeoned to death to be served on a menu as “thịt mèo” meaning “little tiger.” The FOUR PAWS investigation found that many of the cats have collars on when they are killed, which is proof that they were valued companions and pets who were ripped away from people who love them.

Alley Cat Allies is taking a strong stand against the cat meat trade and we need your help. Not only is the stealing, slaughtering, consumption, and selling of cats to local markets a horrifying threat to animal welfare, it also places humans at risk of contracting zoonotic diseases.

Together, we will call upon governments around the world to make lifesaving changes to protect the animals under their stewardship. Join us in advocating so no pet or community cat is ever stolen from her home again to be an entree on a restaurant menu.

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