UPDATE – January 14, 2015: A reinvigorated TNR program has returned to Bayside State Prison! Last week we went trapping at Bayside State Prison and the outing was a huge success. Read the details.

Posted December 19, 2014: Good news for the cats of Bayside State Prison! We’re pleased to announce today that after several weeks of constructive discussions with prison Administrator Powell, Major Redman, and others in leadership at Bayside State Prison, we have reached an agreement that ensures that the cats will receive the care they need, prison operations are not disturbed, the needs of the inmates, staff, and guards are met, and the cat population does not expand. Read the details.

Posted November 25, 2014:  

Yesterday Alley Cat Allies met with Bayside State Prison officials and received a tour of the prison grounds so we could begin to assess the situation and the cats’ health. The cats we saw appear to be stable and in good shape and are being fed on an interim basis.

we’ve begun discussions with prison officials, and we look forward to putting in place a long-term program to meet the needs of the cats and Bayside State Prison.

Thanks to all of your who raised your voice to protect the cats at Bayside. It’s because of you that Bayside State Prison is working with Alley Cat Allies. We will keep you updated!

Posted November 18, 2014:

ShareGraphic_BaysideStatePrisonOrders were given to stop feeding the cats of Bayside State Prison in New Jersey on October 9, 2014 after years of the cats living on prison grounds, being fed and cared for as part of a Trap-Neuter-Return program.

Alley Cat Allies reached out to Bayside State Prison over and over again, requesting an end to the feeding ban and offering assistance with the prison’s Trap-Neuter-Return program. Despite widespread outcry against this cruelty, the prison’s administration refuses to lift the feeding ban. We need YOUR help.

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