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Drop & Box Trap Options for Cats

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Drop traps are useful tools when conducting Trap-Neuter-Return or rescuing sick or injured cats by allowing you to selectively trap a specific member of a colony, since you determine when to spring the manually operated trap. It’s also helpful for trapping shy or savvy cats who have caught on to the ins and outs of the humane box trap. Find drop trap options below.

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Tomahawk TNR Drop Trap


Advantages: Purchasing available. Collapsible, lightweight to carry but sturdy when constructed, transfer door.

Possible Drawbacks: Metal traps can make a lot of noise when they hit the ground which may spook cats. No “give” if cats start jumping around which may increase potential for injury. May be light enough for cats to move. Thin propping mechanism.

Purchasing and more information. Thanks to Tomahawk Live Traps

PVC Drop Trap


Advantages: DIY! Collapsible design. Solid sides which may help cats remain calm. Netted top proves “give” to help keep cats safe.

Possible Drawbacks: Netting may rip, so make sure the kind you use is good quality. This design requires a variety of hardware. The instructions are fairly complex, but well documented.

View the instructions Thanks to Lisa A. Pierson, DVM

Clamshell Drop Trap

Clamshell style drop trap

Advantages: DIY design using PVC which keeps the trap light. Netted top provides “give” to help keep cats safe. Latch closes trap as it comes down, preventing any bounce. Solid bottom allows you to move the trap with cat(s) inside without having to transfer them immediately.

Possible Drawbacks: Netting may rip, so make sure the kind you use is good quality. Because of the solid bottom this trap is not collapsible. It’s a large trap so it will need adequate space for transporting.