It has been nearly a year since the Camp Fire burned a devastating path through Northern California. Alley Cat Allies Feral Friends Network® member Jennifer Moore has spent every possible moment of it helping affected cats return home.


Mikey lives with Jennifer Moore, an Alley Cat Allies Feral Friends Network member. Mikey inspires Jennifer as she reunites cats displaced by the 2018 Camp Fire in California.

“There isn’t much that feels better than calling up a survivor from the worst wildfire in California’s history and telling them that their cats survived too,” explains Jennifer.

Alley Cat Allies responded immediately when the disaster struck in November 2018, connecting with FieldHaven Feline Center to shelter and treat cats displaced by the flames. We opened the Alley Cat Allies Recovery Center® to reunite hundreds of cats with their families.

Many of these reunions were possible because of volunteers like Jennifer, who scour the internet to find people who are searching for their cats. The volunteers ask for photos of the missing cats, then determine if they match any of the rescued cats.

Jennifer, who grew up in the Paradise area and whose father lost his home in the Camp Fire, knows well the weight of her work.

“The animals lost in that fire are family members, just covered in fur,” Jennifer says. “There has not been anything in my lifetime that has felt more important than helping them.”