Almas Felinas sin hogar (Homeless Feline Souls)

If there is any one thing that transcends borders, it’s our love for animals. So it should come as no surprise that Alley Cat Allies’ Feral Friends Network®, comprised of people, experts, and veterinary professionals working to help cats and the people who care for them, represents countries all over the map.

In General Roca, Argentina, a city of 86,000, Feral Friends Network member Almas Felinas sin hogar has spayed and neutered thousands of cats in urban and rural areas. In the process, the organization has become a model for the entire nation, hosting TNR workshops and trainings for other Argentinian cat protection groups.

Almas Felinas sin hogarwhich learned the ropes of TNR from Alley Cat Allies’ websiteis making big waves in a country where services for cats are in critical demand. Founder Dr. Rubén Saldía says three provinces that have historically lacked laws to protect cats are now

considering bills to recognize TNR as the only ethical approach to outdoor cat populations. Saldía and co-founder Vanesa Asencio helped draft those bills.

“Thanks to our work, with visible positive results, many people of our city, municipal authorities, and other groups from the country ask us now for help and advice on application of TNR,” says Saldía.