Alley Cat Allies is in Puerto Rico to Protect Cats

Alley Cat Allies is on the ground in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, as we work to keep the community cats living along the famous Paseo Del Morro trail in their outdoor homes. Weeks ago, the U.S. National Park Service announced a plan to remove the cats within a period of 6 months—a cruel and pointless scheme we will do everything in our power to halt.

Right now, we are reaching out to the government of Puerto Rico and working with local advocates as part of our ongoing efforts to stop the removal.

These cats have been peacefully at home around the Castillo de San Felipe del Morro for a very long time. They are cared for by dedicated caregivers and are spayed or neutered through Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). Their eartips are proof! They are loved in the community and by the millions of people who visit their home each year.

Meeting some of those cats this week has been a privilege, and we are more determined than ever to protect them. We’re also planning to help more cats across Old San Juan! We’ll keep you updated on what we are doing and what YOU can do.

A Granite Shoals, Texas, Committee Suggested Shooting and Poisoning Cats

Alley Cat Allies condemns the horrific discussion between the Granite Shoals City Manager and Wildlife Advisory Committee about a plan to mass kill community cats. We call for a strong, city-supported TNR program and would pledge our own support for that program.

Audio from the Wildlife Advisory Committee meeting included these disturbing quotes: “Poison food, could you somehow round them up in a mass cage or something,” “I would be in favor of euthanizing and euthanizing as many as quickly as possible,” “The only authorized legal process for euthanizing is a 22 round in the back of the head. We have a location on this property that’s called Deer Heaven that I’m sure could be kitty cat Heaven, too…”

We stand with the Granite Shoals Police Department, the Hill Country Humane Society, and the people of Granite Shoals against cruel, lethal policies. The next city council meeting about Granite Shoals’ cats is January 9, and Alley Cat Allies will be there.

‘Tis the Season to Save Cats’ Lives with a Gift from our Holiday Cat-A-Log

Soufflé certainly has the eye of the tiger! When he and his siblings were rescued from a Maryland shelter with various health issues, they needed that courage to heal and thrive. Of course, veterinary care covered by Alley Cat Allies—thanks to our supporters like you—gave them the boost they needed!

And, every day, Alley Cat Allies helps grow local movements to provide no-cost veterinary care, food, and other critical services for indoor and community cats, like this handsome kitten.

Communitywide support and sustainable resources are the keys to a world where all cats are valued and protected. YOU help make it all possible.

You can help us provide lifesaving care to even more cats and kittens with a gift from our 2023 Holiday Cat-A-Log.

Happy Holidays from the Boardwalk Cats



Star and Mikey live every day on the beachfront home they love. But decades ago, community cats like them on the famous Atlantic City Boardwalk were nearly rounded up and killed simply for existing outdoors.

Alley Cat Allies rallied the community to stop it, and our Boardwalk Cats Project® was born. This city-supported #TNR program is a blueprint for all communities: The cats live well into their teens, the population has naturally declined from several hundred to just around two dozen cats, and no new kittens have been born on the Boardwalk in years!

It goes to show: TNR works! Learn more at