Alley Cat Allies Demands Humane Change Before Shelter Reopens

Alley Cat Allies filed a lawsuit on February 25, 2019 asking an Indiana judge to order Spencer County not to reopen its animal shelter until three critical steps have been completed:  

  1. the county must stop killing animals by using freezing or hypothermia and can only use humane euthanasia,  
  2. it must adopt policies that set requirements for how the animals are cared for, and  
  3. it must fully train employees on these humane policies and standards of care.  

Last fall we played a vital role in successfully closing the Spencer County Animal Shelter located in Spencer County, Indiana.  The shelter manager instructed an employee to kill a kitten by putting her in a plastic bag and then placing her in a freezer as their method of “euthanasia.” We mobilized supporters and advocates, attended county commissioners’ meetings and demanded change. 

Indiana lacks humane animal sheltering and transparency. Cruel practices, including freezing cats, are in violation of existing law and will continue if laws are not enforced and if Spencer County does not adopt animal sheltering humane guidelines. Now the county intends on reopening the shelter.