Alley Cat Allies’ Future Five: Shelter Partners to Save Cats’ Lives program is helping five animal shelters adopt and expand humane programs that will save cats’ lives. The selected shelters have committed to an official Feral Cat Protection Policy, which means that they will stop impounding feral catswho are almost always killed in sheltersand instead support Trap-Neuter-Return and only accept feral cats to divert them to TNR or Shelter-Neuter-Return programs.

When shelters stop the cycle of impounding and killing healthy feral cats, cats are protected and resources are redirected to lifesaving programs. The shelters also receive community buy-init becomes easier to find volunteers, foster homes, and donors when community members see that they are working hard to save animals’ lives.

Each shelter receives $5,000 and one year of expert guidance from Alley Cat Allies. This program will not only transform these five sheltersit will create models that shelters nationwide can follow to save even more cats’ lives. Currently, there aren’t many models for shelter TNR programs that don’t require significant grants. The Future Five program will fulfill the need for step-by-step blueprints for change that shelters can follow even if, like the Future Five shelters, they have limited funds and face challenges.

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