George Town, Cayman Islands – On Global Cat Day®, October 16, Alley Cat Allies is making a stand to prevent cats from being killed on the Cayman Islands in the western Caribbean Sea. As the government of the Cayman Islands pursues its devastating policy to round up and kill cats, Alley Cat Allies, the leading advocacy organization for cats, is working to launch a humane, nonlethal program to address the community cat population.

Starting on Monday, October 16, Alley Cat Allies will be on the ground to begin providing spay and neuter surgery for up to 100 cats on Grand Cayman Island, while also distributing hundreds of pounds of cat food to caregivers in need of assistance. This work is to be done in collaboration with the Cayman Islands Humane Society, and is an approach that starkly contrasts against the deadly government plan already underway.

In the Cayman Islands, the local government has initiated a plan to kill cats, under the misguided rationale of protecting local species. However, killing cats is a failed policy that has never proven to be successful. While removal may briefly reduce the number of cats, it never lasts. Other cats will be attracted to resources such as food and shelter and move in to fill the space, quickly bringing population levels back up. This phenomenon is known as the Vacuum Effect, and it is well established in research.

Alley Cat Allies also advocates for more people to understand that killing is not the same as conservation, and killing one species in favor of another is morally indefensible. Leading biologists, climate scientists and environmental watchdogs agree that climate change, habitat destruction and development are the leading causes of species loss. Attempting to pin the blame on cats conveniently ignores the reality that solutions to species loss rest squarely in our hands.

Alley Cat Allies will continue working in the Cayman Islands on future initiatives to protect cats from being killed.


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