A humane officer in Ohio who has sparked public outcry multiple times for cruelly killing animals, and whose dismissal Alley Cat Allies has repeatedly called for, has finally been fired.

According to local media reports, Officer Barry Accorti of North Ridgeville was dismissed following allegations that he killed five young rabbits by breaking their necks.

In 2013, Accorti shot and killed five kittens on a resident’s property while children watched. Then, a year later, he shot and killed a trapped baby raccoon. Again, he did this in front of children. In a letter to the mayor, Alley Cat Allies called for the dismissal of Accorti and police Chief Michael Freeman.

These incidents evoked national protest, showing how disconnected the city’s policies are from public opinion. Alley Cat Allies worked with local advocates and the Ohio SPCA to try to make changes following these events.

According to The Chronicle-Telegram, Accorti was dismissed for violating the city’s policies on euthanizing animals, which changed after he killed the kittens. This article says that the city policy is to remove animals from the scene before killing them.

“We are glad Accorti has finally been punished for his cruel and indiscriminate killing and that he will no longer be able to use a position of authority to get away with harming animals,” says Alley Cat Allies President and Founder Becky Robinson. “However, it’s clear that North Ridgeville still has a long way to go to ensure the humane treatment and protection of its cats, pets, and wildlife.”