Research shows that 80 percent of pet cats have been spayed or neuteredbut less than three percent of outdoor catsstray and feral catshave been sterilized. To help address the outdoor populations’ needs, we’re partnering with the Humane Alliance of Asheville, North Carolina to create new curriculum to add to the existing intensive training in high-volume spay/neuter.

A full day of additional curriculum will be added to Humane Alliance’s program, specifically designed for veterinarians on how community cat services can be incorporated into day-to-day clinic protocols. The program will also educate veterinarians on best practices for addressing the unique needs and challenges of community cats in their communities.

Veterinarians are a key ally in the movement to humanely care for feral cat populations. They put the “˜N’ in TNR and stop the breeding cycle. When vets spay and neuter outdoor cats, it is a huge service to both the community and the cats. We’re sure this program will expand the capacity and reach of Trap-Neuter-Return efforts across the country, enabling more veterinarians to help their communities humanely address community cat populations.

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Veterinarians: Interested in learning more? Download the curriculum!