Snow is the perfect cat. Don’t take our word for it – she’s quiet, polite, loves a cat bed (we swear cats never like their cat beds!), and will rub up against your legs for attention. And she knows her name and will give you a perky meow to let you know she heard you. She has turned into a very affectionate cat, climbing up in bed for cuddles.

We’ve recently discovered she loves the laser pointer even though her other toys seem to bore her. She’ll chase the red dot all over the floor and she can even catch it. She’s a little like a human too, she likes to snack, but she’s young enough that it doesn’t show. She tells us it’s just that she likes to eat several small meals.
Snow if very sweet, but would probably prefer to be the only cat in your house. When she gets really excited or happy, she does what looks like a rattlesnake tail – she twitches the end back and forth very quickly. It’s her signature move.

She’s estimated to be 1-2 years old. She’s spayed, microchipped, and up-to-date on all of her shots.

Snow is FeLV positive so would need a home where she’s the only cat. FeLV cannot be transferred to humans or animals other than cats. She can live with other cats who are FeLV positive.

Please visit to fill out an application or if you have questions about Snow or the adoption process text “SNOW” and your questions to 240-743-7237.