Energetic, playful, inquisitive, friendly, intelligent…these are all words we’d use to describe Snow! This adorable little lady knows her name and is width="300" chatty in the cutest way. She loves being pet, but we think it’s clear she hadn’t gotten much affection before she came to us. Could your home give her the love she deserves?

Snow likes to involve herself in whatever her people do, especially if you’re watching nature videos on YouTube or video calling friends and family. She is not a lap sitter, but she will climb up on your bed to sleep on or next to you at night.

We recently discovered that Snow loves feather wands and laser pointers. She’ll chase the red laser dot all over the floor and can even “catch” it with her impressive speed! Smart as she is, we also weren’t surprised to learn that Snow is great at food puzzles for cats. When she gets really excited or happy, she twitches the end of her tail back and forth quickly like a rattlesnake. It’s her signature move.

Snow is estimated to be 1-2 years old. She’s spayed, microchipped, and up to date on all of her shots. She is very sweet but also very energetic and is FeLV positive, so it is best if she is the only cat in your house. We think her energy level would better fit in a home without small children, but she would probably be fine living with a dog.

Please visit alleycat.org/Adopt to fill out an application to adopt Snow.