This letter was published in the SunCoast News on September 27, 2017

We applaud Pasco County Animal Services for taking the steps to implement a trap-neuter-return program, Spay-Neuter In Pasco, to help manage its outdoor cat populations. SNIP deserves the community’s support, as it will greatly benefit both the community and its cats.

TNR is the only humane and effective approach for community cats, also known as feral cats. Studies have shown that it stops cats from breeding, stabilizes the population, helps cats stay healthy, and improves their relationships with people. TNR is good for the cats and good for the community.

TNR also results in fewer cats brought to animal shelters, which means fewer cats are needlessly killed. Animal control agencies get fewer calls, employee morale improves, and taxpayer dollars are saved. Instead of an endless cycle of impounding cats in shelters, where virtually 100 percent of unsocialized community cats are killed, animal shelter employees can instead focus on life-saving work such as caring for adoptable cats.

Thousands of cities and counties across the U.S. conduct TNR programs, and Alley Cat Allies has tracked more than 650 that have adopted official TNR policies and ordinances. We’re glad to see that Pasco County is part of this compassionate group of life-saving communities.

Becky Robinson
Bethesda, Maryland