As much of the United States ushers in the start of summer, and the official beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season, it’s a good time to consider preparations to keep community cats safe.

Alley Cat Allies has put together a checklist to help you keep cats cool, hydrated, and protected through heat waves and natural disasters.

Keeping Cats Cool in the Heat

  • Give cats extra water. Place water bowls in the shade and consider keeping water cold with ice cubes.
  • Keep insects away by elevating feeding stations and surrounding them with baking soda. Or use a bug-proof food dish.
  • If you carry out Trap-Neuter-Return, don’t place traps on hot surfaces. Never leave cats out in heat or in hot cars.
  • Make sure cats have a cool, shady place to rest.

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Preparing for Evacuation Amid Natural Disasters

  • Do not bring community cats with you if you are evacuating. The outdoors is their home, and they do best following their instincts during disasters.
  • Keep with you descriptions and photos of the owned and community cats you care for. These will help accurately identify them if displaced cats end up in shelters or other rescue areas.
  • Make a list of local shelters and their contact information in case you need their help or resources.
  • If you live in a flood-prone area, put cat shelters and feeding stations on higher ground.

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