LarryWe’re demanding an investigation and justice in the case of a Bloomfield, Nebraska police officer who shot and killed Larry, a resident’s pet cat, in January.

Alley Cat Allies, Best Friends Animal Society, and two local groups have sent letters pushing for an investigation. The Nebraska nonprofits that signed the letters are National Rescue Council—which represents 85 shelters and rescues across the state—and The Cat House—a nonprofit no-kill shelter and adoption center located in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The letters were sent to the Knox County, Nebraska attorney general, the attorney general for the state of Nebraska, and the Nebraska state patrol.

The reports of this cruel act created a frenzy on social media—including more than 15,000 posts by individuals on Facebook. We also launched an online T-shirt campaign distributing shirts with an image of Larry and the phrase “Justice for Larry.” And more than 30,000 people signed our online petition demanding justice for Larry.

We have scheduled a meeting with the mayor of Bloomfield in April to discuss humane programs for the city, including Trap-Neuter-Return for community cats and humane training for city staff and law enforcement.