From Dental Surgery to Vaccination—Helping More Cat Survivors of the Maui Fires

We’re on the ground in Maui to help more cat survivors of the historic wildfires. Thanks to our supporters like you, we’ve provided food, veterinary examinations, vaccinations, and treatments for multiple cats from the devastated Lahaina community.

And yesterday, we covered the costs of emergency dental surgery for fire survivors Lucky and Charm.

Dental issues are a critical concern, as pain can lead to cats being unable to eat and infection can spread and become dangerous quickly. Lucky and Charm needed this care right away, and we could provide it thanks to YOU!

Alley Cat Allies Earns Four-Star Rating from Charity Navigator

Alley Cat Allies again earned the coveted four-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s largest and most-utilized independent charity evaluator! It is the highest possible rating.

Alley Cat Allies holds our mission and the trust of our over 1 million donors and supporters in the highest regard. When you give to us, your generosity is utilized to its fullest potential to protect cats and kittens.

Our Charity Navigator rating and Platinum Seal of Transparency from Candid show that your compassion makes a true difference. Give today with confidence and save cats’ lives:

Two Lucky Kittens Ready to Take On the World

Hooray for Clover and Charm! ??

Thanks to our supporters like you, they’ll soon be on their way to a loving new home. We can’t wait to share their “Graduation Day” photos when the time comes!

Poppy and Lily—An Amazing Before and After

Lily before

Lily recovered

Poppy and Lily, we can’t believe how big you are! Just look at that before and after!

If you’ve been following Alley Cat Allies’ Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you may remember that Poppy and Lily were among the tiny kittens rescued from the devastating Oklahoma tornadoes in April this year. Alley Cat Allies’ disaster response grant covered the costs of their veterinary treatment for a host of medical issues—including one badly infected eye each.

In the end, the decision was made to remove the infected eyes for their well-being, and they’ve since recovered beautifully. Now they’re so grown up, gorgeous, and ready to be adopted!

Poppy and Lily have long, happy lives ahead of them, and we’re proud to have been part of their journey. Thank you to our supporters for making their care, and all of our disaster response, possible!

Poppy before

Poppy recovered