Despite tremendous support from New York citizens and New York animal shelters and animal protection organizations, Governor Cuomo has ignored the science and the wishes of his constituents in vetoing the Trap-Neuter-Return funding bill, Senate Bill AB 2778/SB 1801.

This bill was to help carry out neutering and rabies vaccinations of unowned cats, a service that is greatly needed in the state and has widespread support.

As you know, introducing humane sterilization of cats has been scientifically proven to work. Humane, nonlethal population management has been in practice for decades in the US.

In places as diverse as Atlantic City; Washington, D.C.; Charleston, W.V.; Gainesville, Fla., San Jose, Calif., Colorado Springs, Co., and thousands of other locations, Trap-Neuter-Return has stabilized and reduced and even eliminated colonies of community cats.

Alley Cat Allies is disappointed that Governor Cuomo did not listen to the experts and his constituents. The state of New York would have greatly benefited from this bill.

We’ll continue working on this issue in New York and keep you informed about next steps.