National Feral Cat Day MapEach year we see more and more communities embrace Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) as the best approach to outdoor cats. This is great news for animals, and it’s also the inspiration for this year’s National Feral Cat Day® themeTNR: From the Alley…to Main Street.

There are already more than 100 events registered for National Feral Cat Day®. Not only will each event help raise awareness about TNR and outdoor cats, but it will also put the event-holder’s community on the official Alley Cat Allies’ map as a place that cares about cats.

When you register an event, you’ll receive a free kit to help you organize for the day, and if you sign up before September 16, you’ll get a special bonus gift for planning early.

You can help make this year a success. If you held an event last year, think about how you can reach even more people this yearlouder and prouder for cats! If you’ve never hosted an event before, jump right in for 2014and help us make this the best National Feral Cat Day® yet!