What could be more important than fighting for laws that protect cats? Thanks to your support, 2017 has been a great year for pro-cat laws, and we’re already preparing to continue that winning streak in 2018! State legislatures are getting ready for new sessions that begin in January, and we’re gearing up to support bills that have cats’ best interests at heart. To win this fight, we need your voice. We must stand together and speak out for laws that protect cats. Sign up today to receive our action alerts, and you’ll be notified when your support is needed to contact lawmakers and push for important protections. Here are a few of the state bills we’ll be working to make law in the coming year:

TNR Protections

Delaware House Bill 235 explicitly codifies protections for community cats by defining terms like eartip, the universal sign of a spayed or neutered community cat that involves the painless removal of the very tip of a cat’s left ear. This bill will also benefit caregivers by defining “free-roaming cat caretaker” so there’s no question that people can carry out Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and look after cats. It also makes clear that shelters can adopt Return-to-Field programs, which means officers can take community cats back to their homes. We urged lawmakers to pass this bill in 2017, and we’re hoping they will in the upcoming session. Delaware residents: Watch for our action alert in the new year!

Create a Spay and Neuter Program

Tennessee House Bill 1035/Senate Bill 122 establishes a state spay and neuter program for dogs and cats. The program has two main components: public education and a fund to reimburse cities and counties for low-cost spay and neuter services, making such surgeries for cats more affordable in the state. We supported this effort earlier this year. When this bill is scheduled for a hearing, we will be contacting Tennesseans to voice their support.

Register Offenders

Washington Senate Bill 5804 would help protect animals in the state by creating a registry of people who have been convicted of animal abuse. This list would be available to law enforcement, animal shelters, veterinarians, and others, to help ensure that animals don’t fall into the hands of these abusers. We’ve stated our support for this measure in a letter, and we will urge Washington residents to speak up as well, once the bill is scheduled for a hearing.

When you act to support bills, it pays off! Here are just a few of our successes that you made possible earlier this year:

  • In Connecticut, a bill was passed to help ensure the well-being of cats and other animals by requiring animal shelters to register with the state.
  • In Maryland, a law was passed that will increase state oversight of animal shelters.
  • In Nevada, a bill that makes it clear that TNR is legal—and that TNR isn’t abandonment—was passed.

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