As Alley Cat Allies works to transform Atlantic County, New Jersey, home of our Boardwalk Cats Project ®, there are times when cats need our hands-on help…and fast. That’s why we’re looking for loving homes for cats and kittens in need right now!

If you live in the Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., or New Jersey areas and are looking for a new best friend, look no further. Here are some of the cats and kittens waiting to find happiness with you!

Lion, Tiger, and Bear

Bear, Lion and Tiger

Oh my! These adorable sisters have grown up spectacularly in Alley Cat Allies’ care from tiny kittens to lively 3-month-olds. They have a lot of love and a lot of energy to give to a new family. A charm point: Bear was born without a tail!

Gris and Noir

Noir and Gris

This brother and sister are still cautious and shy, but there are few experiences more rewarding than watching a kitten blossom with a bit of tender loving care! If you can provide your time and a safe, quiet home where they can relax and explore, Gris and Noir are sure to come out of their shells.



Rambunctious and full of spirit, Mickey would do great in a high-energy family home with plenty of attention and playtime. He’s everything you could want in a kitten: friendly, loving, social, and tons of fun!

Alf and Peggy

Peggy and Alf

Meet Mickey’s parents! Though this duo is friendly and loving, we believe that a nice home in a barn would suit them best. And as they are closely bonded, we would like them to stay together. If you are interested in adopting Alf and Peggy, Alley Cat Allies staff will give you the details and help you provide the perfect setup!

Nala and Shyla

Shyla and Nala

As part of Alley Cat Allies’ longtime Prison Cats project in New Jersey, we support staff and inmates at two prisons in providing the best outcomes for the cats who live on or near prison grounds. A prison officer recently discovered Nala and Shyla and realized they would feel more comfortable in an indoor home rather than outdoors with the resident community cat families.

At just 6 months old these sisters are still figuring themselves out, so they’re still a little timid. But they have sweet personalities, enjoy spending time with other cats, and absolutely adore each other. We’re looking for a home where they can stay together!



Like Nala and Shyla, one-year-old Bane was discovered near prison grounds. At the time, he was thin and battling an upper respiratory infection. Alley Cat Allies ensured he was rushed to a veterinarian and provided critical treatment when he came down with a case of pneumonia.

Today, Bane is pneumonia-free and recovered, so he’s ready for the next step in his journey. Though he is shy, he’s sweet and gentle and enjoys being petted while he eats. If you have a quiet, calm home and extra time to spend, you have everything Bane needs to thrive!



Moses’ foster describes her as the perfect cat! Though she suffered being dumped outside of a New Jersey shelter in a box, Moses’ bright light hasn’t dimmed in the least. Sweet, relaxed, playful, cuddly, and easy to love, this 6-year-old lady would be an incredible member of any family!

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