This Reykjavík-based TNR organization, formed in 2014, is saving cats’ lives all around the country through TNR, feeding, and rescues from hoarding conditions.  Villikettir first learned the ropes from TNR advocates in the U.S. and is the only active TNR group in Iceland.  In 2017, Villikettir adopted out nearly 400 cats, and provided spay or neuter services to 200 cats [90 of those were community cats who were returned to their colonies]. Right now, the group is working to save 100 cats and kittens from a hoarding situation in Southern Iceland.

“We have noticed a big change in the public point of view toward feral cats since we began our journey,” says Arndis Kjatansdóttir, secretary for the board of Villikettir. “The general public no longer considers them pests that should be killed and respects the more humane way of dealing with the feral and stray cats in Iceland.”

Villikettir joined Alley Cat Allies’ Feral Friends Network in November 2017 to expand its reach, save more cats, and become an even bigger resource for the community. All of us at Alley Cat Allies enthusiastically welcome this feral friend to the network!

“We have found tremendous information on the Alley Cat Allies website; it has helped us shape our work here in Iceland,” says Kjatansdóttir. “Being pioneers in Iceland in TNR and caring for the feral and stray cats, it’s great to be able to seek support from Alley Cat Allies.”