A change in Cecil County’s Animal Care and Control ordinance has mistakenly put cats’ lives at risk. We need you to speak up to correct this error at tomorrow’s public hearing of the Cecil County Board of Commissioners.

Until now, animal control left outdoor cats alone to live out their lives. But a new lawa mostly beneficial ordinance aimed at increasing transparency in animal control operations mistakenly allowed animal control to impound cats simply for being outdoors. This mistake threatens all cats, pet and feral, that spend time outside. These cats could be impoundedand more than likely, killedsimply for living their lives. We’re supporting local Trap-Neuter-Return groups as they push for changes to the law that fix this mistake and allow them to continue caring for cats outdoors. But we need your help to get the commissioners’ attention.

Cecil County, MD Residents: Take Action!
Not in Cecil County, MD? Learn how you can improve the lives of cats in your community.