A roaring fire, a comfy chair, a cup of hot cocoa…and a purring, content cat curled up in your lap. What could be better this holiday season?

This time of year is about enjoying warmth and love with family—and maybe yours has room for another member! Alley Cat Allies has incredible adoptable cats ready for a new start. Will you bring them home for the holidays?

All of our adoptable animals are spayed and neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and have received any other veterinary care they needed. Now the greatest gift you can give them is a place of their own!

If you can’t adopt, you can still help these cats find homes this season by getting the word out and sharing their stories:


Moses is 6 years young and has so much love to give! She’s the perfect snuggle buddy and is tooth-achingly sweet to everyone she meets. Not only does Moses love people, she gets along with other cats, is good and respectful with dogs, and is great with children! While Moses loves a good cuddle, she’s also plenty playful. In short, she’s the perfect cat!

Learn more about Moses.


She’s ready to deck the halls of your home! Holly is the sweetest senior cat who is calm and quiet…unless she’d like some attention! When she’s ready for affection, she becomes very, very vocal. She loves to be petted, picked up, and held. She will even let you touch her belly! Holly loves to decorate any high perch with her presence, and you can often find her relaxing on a shelf or a cat tree. The best fit for her is a quiet, laid-back home with some high spaces for her to catnap

Learn more about Holly.

Miley and Pumpkin

Miley and her best friend Pumpkin are lively 8-year-olds who are absolutely inseparable! While they are shy when first meeting new people, they’re sweet as pie when they get to know you! Bonded as they are, Miley and Pumpkin are looking for a home where they can stay together. Both have lived with a dog, so they’ll be comfortable with a canine roommate.

Learn more about Miley and Pumpkin.

Starlight and Sterlyn

Sisters Starlight and Sterlyn are looking for a home where they can keep shining bright together! Starlight is the bold sister—her foster says she’s got a wild side and would like a home that respects her gorgeous, independent personality. Sterlyn is more down-to-earth, and is very affectionate. She’ll even follow you around for attention!

Learn more about Starlight and Sterlyn.


She’s a ton of personality in a small gift package! Despite Munchkin’s miniature stature, she loves nothing more than to be up high where she can feel as tall as you are. A cat tree is a must for this tiny tortie. Since Munchkin has grown up with her siblings, she’d take well to a feline friend. However, she has that independent cat-titude and would be just as happy as an only cat—especially if it means she gets your undivided attention!

Learn more about Munchkin.


Long and lean Moon is born to play, and she plays HARD! Super active and energetic, we can’t think of a better addition to a fun-loving family. She’s not picky about her holiday gifts—any and every toy will do! We think Moon would be perfect in a home with older children who can give her the playtime she needs.

Learn more about Moon.

Ready to adopt? Visit our website at alleycat.org/Adopt or send us a message through Petfinder.