It has been over a month since the cats at Bayside State Prison have been fed. These cats are part of a state-sanctioned, taxpayer-funded Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program. The feeding ban was issued with no warningimperiling the cats and the work of many New Jersey groups that have assisted with the TNR program.

Despite widespread outcry against this cruelty, the prison’s administration refuses to lift the feeding ban. Alley Cat Allies reached out to Bayside State Prison over and over again, requesting an end to the feeding ban and offering assistance with the prison’s Trap-Neuter-Return programbut the administration will not work with us. Just this weekend, we visited the prison to deliver food for the cats, but were turned away. The cats’ situation is dire, so we are taking this to the next level by going straight to the New Jersey Department of Corrections.

Contact the Commissioner of New Jersey’s Department of Corrections and urge him to lift the feeding ban and work with Alley Cat Allies.

Cats who have been living on the prison grounds for more than 10 years are starving. Along with several groups in New Jersey, we can help set up feeding stations and other colony care best practices that are essential to a successful TNR programif Bayside State Prison lifts the feeding ban.