With flood waters at their highest, this Bellevue, Nebraska community cat climbed a tree to stay safe. An animal control officer could only access the area by boat and couldn’t help him. Community Cats of Omaha took to social media to try and find his caregiver.

Alley Cat Allies is providing expertise and a disaster relief grant to save cats’ lives in Nebraska as the state rebuilds from destructive flooding last month. The record-breaking floods were caused by water overflow from the snow, ice, and rain left by blizzard conditions that swept the Midwest in March.

Dangerous weather continues to threaten Midwest states and flooding has rendered many Nebraska communities uninhabitable. Cats who as waters rose are reemerging in devastated areas. Alley Cat Allies is bringing these cats lifesaving care at this most critical time.

“Flood waters ravaged so many Midwest communities, but cats are incredible survivors. They made it through,” says Becky Robinson, president and founder of Alley Cat Allies. “Now these cats are coming out of hiding to find their homes in ruins. We’re here to provide affected cats with the medical care and resources they need right now.”

Alley Cat Allies’ support will bolster the efforts of Community Cats of Omaha, a Nebraska nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and improving cats’ lives through Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). Our emergency funding will be used to provide vital veterinary services

A happy ending! Community Cats of Omaha successfully located the cat’s caregiver and, with help from Alley Cat Allies’ grant, humanely trapped him. Now he’s out of the tree, healthy, and will be returned to a safe outdoor home.

and supplies for cats that desperately need them.

“Every day, we’re seeing more and more cats returning to areas that were absolutely destroyed by this unprecedented flooding. These cats need our help immediately, but it’s difficult to access even the most basic supplies right now,” says Sheryl Spain, president of Community Cats of Omaha. “Alley Cat Allies is giving us the support we need when we need it most. We’re saving lives together.”

It takes time, dedication, and perseverance to rebuild from disasters like the Nebraska flooding. Alley Cat Allies’ expert staff is working closely and quickly with Community Cats of Omaha to protect affected cats as recovery continues.

Please make an emergency donation today to support our disaster relief efforts.