Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the recent flooding in Baton Rouge and the surrounding parishes of Louisiana. Alley Cat Allies is providing expertise to local disaster support and relief efforts on the groundand we’ve issued emergency funding to support direct rescue and care by the Humane Society of Louisiana, as well as to help cover the cost of rescue equipment.

The Humane Society of Louisiana is working to help small local shelters and rescues, which were devastated by severe storms that began on August 11, causing flooding that is being described as the 1,000-year flood. The Red Cross even stated that it is “the worst natural disaster to strike the United States since Superstorm Sandy.”

Although the water is receding in some areas, it’s still rising in others, and the scale of devastation is massive. As of August 17, at least 11 people have been confirmed dead, some 40,000 homes damaged, and 30,000 people rescued.

Allie Cat Allies will continue to provide lifesaving support and rescue supplies for the Humane Society of Louisiana, as it is likely that rescue operations for animals in the area will continue for days. In the past few days alone, the Humane Society of Louisiana has helped coordinate and carry out the evacuation of hundreds of animals.

For additional updates regarding the on-the-ground response to the flooding, we recommend following the Humane Society of Louisiana at https://www.facebook.com/HumaneLA/.

No matter where you live, natural disasters can happen at any time, without warning. The best thing for you to do for the cats you care for is have a plan in place in case you need it. Read our disaster readiness and response advice at www.alleycat.org/DisasterTips.