AUSTIN, Texas May 31, 2019 Alley Cat Allies applauds a ruling from the highest state court in Texas that reaffirms the decision to punish Kristen Lindsey. Lindsey is the veterinarian who cruelly shot Tiger the cat through the head with an arrow in 2015 and bragged about it on social media. The Texas Supreme Court today rejected Lindsey’s request to appeal her punishment, in which a state board in 2016 decided to suspend her veterinary license for one year and placed her on probation for four years. This meant she was legally allowed to resume practice under supervision starting in October 2017.

“The Texas Supreme Court now becomes the highest authority in the state to confirm what we’ve known all along that Kristen Lindsey is wholly deserving of punishment for her brutal killing of Tiger,” said Becky Robinson, president and founder of Alley Cat Allies. “This was a case of a veterinarian not only ignoring her responsibility to relieve suffering, but actually rejoicing in the suffering she was inflicting on Tiger.

“This has been a sickening case of cruelty that should have resulted in a much more severe punishment than a one-year suspension,” Robinson said. “The legal system should have permanently barred Lindsey from ever practicing veterinary medicine again.”

As soon as Alley Cat Allies became aware of Lindsey’s actions, it demanded that the Texas legal system hold her accountable. Alley Cat Allies pressed the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners for the strongest possible punishment, filed an amicus brief and offered testimony in the case. Alley Cat Allies has also provided regular updates about the case on its website

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