In the immediate wake of Hurricane Sandy, Alley Cat Allies is mobilizing staff and volunteers to Atlantic City, New Jersey, where clean up and recovery efforts are underway at the Boardwalk after the devastating flooding there. More than 100 feral cats have called the Boardwalk home for the last 13 years. Their safety is our utmost concern.

Today our program manager in Atlantic City reported seeing cats returning to their colonies along the Boardwalk. It’s extremely encouraging to see cats coming back already after such a serious storm. Access to the most damaged part of the Boardwalk is still hampered by road closures, but we’ll continue to provide updates as the floodwaters recede and we’re able to conduct a full assessment.

Beginning tomorrow, Alley Cat Allies’ disaster recovery team will be in Atlantic City providing support to caregivers and rescue groups. Specifically, we will help to assure that cats found during rescue efforts will have safe shelter until their caregivers or families are identified or until safe locations or new homes can be found. We will also vet any injured cats, spay/neuter and vaccinate any cats that may be displaced but who are rescued, and provide supplies and volunteers to help build safe shelters and stations for the Boardwalk cats and other cats adjacent to the Boardwalk. In addition, we will be contacting our Feral Friends in the area to find out if they or anyone they know needs assistance with supplies or rescue efforts.