This season, record-breaking tornadoes have devastated communities across the United States. On top of our work to save cats and kittens in the aftermath of the recent Mississippi tornadoes, Alley Cat Allies is also responding to the tornadoes that tore through the South and Midwest this week. Countless cats and kittens have been injured and displaced by the disasters, and we are covering the costs of emergency veterinary treatment and care.

Alley Cat Allies disaster relief funding in Arkansas is covering costs to care for this tiny kitten, and many more.

We’ve given disaster relief funding to Community Cats of Central Arkansas, one of the only lifesaving resources for cats in the hard-hit communities near Little Rock. From cats with severe injuries caused by the catastrophic winds and rubble to neonatal kittens separated from their mothers at their most fragile age, we are helping to provide the surgery and ongoing care that is so desperately needed.

Thor, a beautiful Lynx Point Siamese cat who is well-known and loved in his community, was found with his lower jaw severely broken due to the disaster. The Alley Cat Allies grant will help cover the costs of the surgery, pain management, and ongoing treatment he will need to heal. We’re happy to say that Thor is doing great after surgery yesterday, and his surgeon says his prognosis is very positive!

Dozens of “bottle baby” kittens have also been taken in by Community Cats of Central Arkansas, most found without their mothers and in need of round-the-clock feeding and care. Alley Cat Allies funding will help cover those costs as well.

The impacted communities will be reeling for months to come, and cats will continue to emerge from the rubble, many in need of emergency treatment. We will keep you updated on our ongoing work in the aftermath of the tornadoes.

Alley Cat Allies disaster response is only possible through the generosity of our supporters. Your gift today enables us to save more cats and kittens when the worst comes to pass.

Many vulnerable kittens were found under rubble, separated from their mothers. We are helping to provide lifesaving care.

Disasters like tornadoes can strike out of nowhere, but it is always important to be prepared ahead of time to protect our families as best as possible. Alley Cat Allies has resources on how to prepare for disaster for both pet cats and community cats. Please review them, share them, and ensure your family has its own disaster plan.