Days after Hurricane Michael slammed into the Florida Panhandle, Alley Cat Allies provided local shelters and organizations with emergency funds to save animals affected by the deadly storm. The cleanup from the hurricane is ongoing, and Alley Cat Allies is dedicated to supporting the affected cats and dogs who need us. With help from our supporters, we are ensuring cats and kittens, who are often forgotten in natural disasters, receive the protection and care they deserve.

In the wake of the hurricane, Alley Cat Allies issued an emergency grant to the Alachua Humane Society in Gainesville, Florida, to provide lifesaving supplies and veterinary care to affected animals, and to fund the cost of airlifting cats to other facilities as animals continued to come in from impacted areas.

Alley Cat Allies gave another emergency grant in October to Jacksonville Humane Society to help save the lives of 30 kittens in Bay County, Florida, the area hit hardest by Hurricane Michael. Our funds were used to provide medical supplies, veterinary care, microchips, and spay and neuter services for these kittens.

Alley Cat Allies is proud to work with Jacksonville Humane Society, which was designated as a Hurricane Michael hub and was protecting animals in the storm’s wake. The shelter airlifted about 40 cats and kittens out of its facility to make room for even more animals displaced by the storm.

Alley Cat Allies also provided an emergency grant to nonprofit animal welfare organization First Coast No More Homeless Pets (FCNMHP), which has worked to protect so many animals. With help from our funds, the group purchased vital supplies for animals impacted by the hurricane and mobilized a fleet of three trucks and a support van to Georgia and Florida to bring the supplies in, evacuate animals out, and provide veterinary care.

Our support allowed FCNMHP to save the lives of 75 dogs and 150 cats from the Bainbridge-Decatur County Humane Society in Georgia, which lost power in the wake of the hurricane, and other shelters.

Alley Cat Allies appreciated this acknowledgement from FCNMPH on its Facebook page: “Disaster relief efforts continue for those who were impacted by the devastation of Hurricane Michael. We cannot thank our friends at Alley Cat Allies enough for all they are doing to support this effort. With their help, we have evacuated hundreds of cats since the opening days of the relief efforts … and transported dozens of cats out of impacted shelters and rescues to no-kill partners in other areas. They are a vital partner in this hurricane relief effort as well as our daily work. So many people working together to make a difference.”

There is still much work to be done and so many animals who need help. Recovery efforts will be a priority for a long time to come, and Alley Cat Allies needs your support to continue to provide supplies, guidance, and aid to protect cats affected by the disaster.

Please make an emergency donation to our Hurricane Michael disaster relief efforts.
Together, we will save even more lives.