Cats in a carrier at the CA Recovery Center

Frightened and displaced by the wildfire, two cats are brought to a temporary shelter near Paradise, California in November 2018.

Months after a deadly wildfire destroyed the Northern California town of Paradise and spread across the hills to neighboring cities, Alley Cat Allies continues to provide expertise and support to groups taking in affected cats and other animals. As the state rebuilds, the groups are still relying on our guidance, and using the emergency grants and supplies we provided, to care for the cats. Wildfires also swept across Southern California.

Becky Robinson, president and founder of Alley Cat Allies, was on the scene in Northern California in November after the fire erupted and caused widespread destruction. She helped the local nonprofit FieldHaven Feline Center as it set up a makeshift animal shelter for evacuees’ pets in Yuba City, just south of the blaze. The fires caused fatalities and left thousands of people and animals displaced in the state.

Becky Robinson wearing mask during CA Wildfires

Alley Cat Allies’ Becky Robinson discusses disaster relief plans for animals displaced by the wildfire near Paradise, California.

Wearing breathing respirators, Robinson and Alley Cat Allies staff drove into a haze of smoke to bring vital supplies to the cat evacuation shelter. They provided FieldHaven staff and volunteers with expert guidance, hauled in supplies, and listened to one tragic story after another from locals who lost everything.

“Some people had to live with their animals in their cars. Many others didn’t have time to take their animals with them,” Robinson says. “Today, Alley Cat Allies is still helping local groups reunite cats with their families. We expect the work to go on for some time.”

Peggy H. lost her home in Paradise, which was in smoldering ruins. She was living in her car with her cat, Honey, and her dog until it got too cold for Honey. That’s when she brought her to the FieldHaven shelter. “I said, I can’t keep her with me. It got to 34 degrees outside. My cat was just melting down.”

Our disaster relief efforts in California would not be possible without your continued support. Alley Cat Allies is deeply thankful to every person who donated to help us provide a lifeline to the animals and people who lost everything.

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