Beautiful Luttie-Bell was one of the community cats we reached with spay, vaccination, and microchip at our Feline Frenzy spay and neuter event in Wise, VA.

Over the past week, Alley Cat Allies was hard at work with not one, but two Feline Frenzy® spay and neuter events!

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In Wise County, Virginia, we joined forces with Homeward Trails Animal Rescue with a goal of reaching 100 cats and kittens with spay and neuter, vaccination, microchip, and any other needed veterinary care. We surpassed that goal within a couple days—and also handed out our educational materials and over 3,600 pounds of free cat food. Alley Cat Allies covered all costs.

Why Wise County? Because in this rural community, affordable resources for cats are historically hard to come by. When we choose a city or county for our Feline Frenzy, we determine the most in-need communities and bring together local animal protection groups, advocates, veterinarians, caregivers, and policymakers to create long-lasting improvements for cats. The spay and neuter and Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) events are just one part of a larger whole.

“We’re thrilled that we met our goal for this Feline Frenzy spay and neuter event, but our work goes far beyond surgeries,” explained Coryn Julien, Director of Communications for Alley Cat Allies. “These events are a gateway for the community to meet their local advocates and veterinarians and get the humane education they need to help the cats they care about. It’s the start of a greater, community-wide effort on behalf of cats.”

Buttercup in her humane trap. Soon after, she was spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped at our Feline Frenzy event!

“It is a privilege and honor to work with Alley Cat Allies to make this dream of a Feline Frenzy a reality,” said Sue Bell, Executive Director of Homeward Trails Animal Rescue. “The community cat issue is just that, a community issue. Bringing the community together and working on it is the only way to solve it.”

From start to finish—from on-the-ground humane trapping to return—we provided local caregivers and cats the support they needed. Buttercup, a petite orange tabby with gleaming eyes who wandered into her caregiver’s life this year, is reaching the age where she could have kittens of her own. And with the warmer months when most kittens are born fast approaching, having her spayed was a more pressing concern than ever.

Her caregiver, Sarah-Rose, was thrilled that Buttercup could receive the life-changing surgery, as well as a microchip, vaccination, and an eartip, at the most critical time—and at no cost.

Charlie checks on his friend after returning to his outdoor home from our Feline Frenzy.

“What you guys at Alley Cat Allies are doing is amazing, and I’m very thankful,” said Sarah-Rose.

Charlie, who Sarah-Rose calls “a big ol’ boy” was also humanely trapped, neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped at our Feline Frenzy event. He’s known for being a sweetheart, and he proved it: When he was returned to his outdoor home after surgery, the first thing he did upon leaving his humane trap was check on a buddy of his, who was still in his trap.

We learned the stories of so many cats who are loved by Wise County residents and who finally received the low-cost care they deserve. Tiny tabby Dora and her siblings were all spayed and neutered together. We ensured Jack, a fluffy tabby with the kindest face, was not only neutered, but received extra care for his eye, which was mildly injured by a splinter. Now he’s happily back home with his family.

Jack’s eye is all better thanks to our Feline Frenzy. Just look at that happy face!

100 cats spayed and neutered, 100 microchips, 100 vaccinations, and 3,600 pounds of free cat food goes a long way in a small community—and we made it all happen within days thanks to our supporters like you! Your generosity powers all of our Feline Frenzy work, and it is the reason we can change cats’ lives every day.

Please give today and power our work to save more cats.

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