Alley Cat Allies Continues to Seek Cat Killer in Florida

Alley Cat Allies is still seeking a cat killer in Lake Clarke Shores, Florida, and offering a $7,500 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction.
Anyone with information is asked to contact the Lake Clarke Shores Police Department at 561-964-1515 and ask for Lieutenant Fisher.

Lilly, pictured, is among the cats who are suspected to be victims of the killer.

See our interview on WPBF.

Impact Story: Providing Bella Access to Care

Alley Cat Allies works to widen access to care for cats, and support lifesaving resources for indoor AND community cats in communities worldwide. Our action with our supporters like you means cats like Bella can receive critical veterinary treatment when they need it most.

Beautiful Bella from Kansas was suffering from a host of medical issues, and we covered the costs of diagnosis, treatment, and medication. We’re keeping an eye on her progress—and we want you to know that she is one of many cats directly impacted by your generosity and support!

No Two Cats Are Alike: Why Understanding Socialization Matters

Cats are individuals and no two are exactly alike! Similarly, there’s no one way a cat lives, experiences, or interacts with people. That’s why a cat’s socialization (AKA comfort with people) is so much more than two opposite points–socialized or unsocialized–on a single line.

There’s a wealth of gray areas between those points that represent the degrees of socialization in cats. Socialization is a continuum! We explain more at

Learn How to Scan a Cat for a Microchip


If a cat is brought to a veterinarian or shelter, scanning them for a microchip immediately can reunite them with their family or colony outdoors. But microchips can migrate, so the right scanning technique matters!

How to scan a cat for a microchip.

Your Generosity Makes a Lifesaving Difference for Cats

Whether cats live indoors with us or outdoors with their feline families, their lives have inherent value. Alley Cat Allies works to protect cats from all walks of life, and we’re grateful for our active and compassionate supporters who make it all possible. THANK YOU!

If you can, help us save more cats’ lives. Let’s build a better world for cats and kittens together: