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AUSTIN, TexasTwo state administrative law judges have recommended that the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners suspend Kristen Lindsey’s Texas veterinary license for five years as punishment for shooting an arrow through a cat’s head and bragging about the killing on social media. The judges recommend that Lindsey be allowed to practice again on a probationary basis after one full year of suspension.

Alley Cat Allies has been actively engaged in the case from the beginning, filing an amicus brief, offering testimony and pushing for harsh punishment. It is ensuring that the case receives widespread news media and social media attention so that Kristen Lindsey’s actions will not escape scrutiny.

“Alley Cat Allies has stated from the beginning of this case that Kristen Lindsey’s veterinary license should be revoked and she should never again care for cats or other animals,” said Misty Christo, Alley Cat Allies’ lead attorney on the case. “Animal owners who may not know about her history have a right to be protected from mistakenly entrusting their own animals into her care.”

Christo also said that Alley Cat Allies disagrees with the judges’ characterization of Lindsey as “an otherwise competent veterinarian who made a single, serious mistake of judgment.”

“The judges’ recommended punishment is far from adequate for the torture that Kristen Lindsey inflicted on Tiger as she killed him,” Christo said. “She blatantly violated the Veterinarian’s Oath for the “˜prevention and relief of animal suffering’ and should lose her license forever.”

“We are pleased that the judges at least recognize that her actions were unacceptable and deserve punishment. This alone is a win in Alley Cat Allies’ work to ensure that animal cruelty cases are treated with the serious consideration they deserve,” said Becky Robinson, president and founder of Alley Cat Allies.

The two administrative law judges are recommending to the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners that in addition to a license suspension, Lindsey also take continuing education classes in veterinary jurisprudence and animal welfare, and that she perform 100 hours of community service in a feline rescue center or free spay/neuter clinic.

It should be noted this development is not a resolution to the case, and attorneys on both sides now have an opportunity to submit written exceptions to the judges’ recommendations. The Board’s final decision is expected this fall.

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