The North Alabama Spay-Neuter Clinic that shut down in April 2014 is now reopened and taking appointments as of Monday, February 8. The non-profit, low-cost clinic was formerly forced to close after their only surgeon decided to leave. After months of fundraising the clinic is now up and running again, and open to anyone and everyone with no income or residential restrictions.

Alley Cat Allies has been very active with cat protection efforts in Alabama, including outreach, education, and awarding grants. We were especially involved with defending and bringing attention to low-cost spay/neuter clinics. For a stretch of time, Alabama’s few spay/neuter clinics were under attack, and we mobilized Alabama residents to take action and support legislation that protected the clinics.

Spay/Neuter clinics are critical to improving the lives of cats and dogs. They provide vital services that are high quality, high volume, and low cost. Clinics also make Trap-Neuter-Return, the only humane and effective approach to the cat population, possible. We are very happy to see the North Alabama Spay-Neuter Clinic reopened, and know that Alabama has this low-cost, lifesaving resource available again.